Casual Movie Sunday

What better way to spend an overcast Sunday than at the movies? Well, that is exactly what friends and I did today. Can you guess which movie?

Casual Movie Sunday -Spring 2017

Haha, that’s my most fiercest Wonder Woman pose. (Still working on the fierceness.)

I decided to keep it casual today with colors that represented none other than Wonder Woman. Gold, red, and blue are complimentary colors and also the main colors on Wonder Woman’s costume.

Casual Movie Sunday -Spring 2017

I paired a deep red sleeveless shirt from H&M over a navy blue tank top from Uniqlo. The jeggings, from Abercombie & Fitch, added the casual feel to the outfit and kept the blue undertone going. The golden earrings from Clarie’s were my central piece that brought the whole outfit together. As for my shoes, of course, I went with my golden flats from DSW once more. (I might need to buy new shoes.)

Casual Movie Sunday -Spring 2017

Though my outfit was very casual and simple this weekend, I had a lot of fun creating it. Hopefully the nicer the weather gets the more experimental I can be with my outfits. I rebuild my wardrobe with many pieces, which I am excited to try out this summer. 🙂

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and as always–till next time!



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