Sunday’s Floral and Flannel Pairing

Yay! Finally a sunny weekend day, where I am not wearing tights and sweaters. 🙂 Sunday was the perfect day to be outside and the day I finally got to try out this pairing. It’s unusual, but I love it!

Sunday's Floral and Flannel Pairing - Spring 2017

I love floral and flannel patterns. This pairing idea has been circling in my head for weeks. After I found this floral print dress at Old Navy, it really sealed the look together for me. As for the cardigan, it from Kohls and it’s usually my go-to cardigan for dresses or tank tops.

Sunday's Floral and Flannel Pairing - Spring 2017

Both patterns are bold, but I believe that’s why they work well together.  The white streaks of the flannel compliment the floral print causing the dress to just pop out immediately. Yet, the flannel pattern gives the look an overall casual feel. Rather than the flannel and floral pattern “battling” for the attention, the flannel just blends in with the dress. My choice of shoes needed to be simple to really pull this off. So I went with my gold flats from DSW, which look more nude than gold.

Sunday's Floral and Flannel Pairing - Spring 2017

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend! Let’s hope for more sunny and warm weekends to come. Till next time. 😀


Weekend Showers

Saturday showers in New York are beautiful. I may not be the rain’s biggest fan but I love the sound of the rain tapping against my window. It is comforting and usually the best day to curl up at home with a cozy blanket and book. However, this weekend was also mother’s day weekend, so I travelled to Westchester to spend some time with my own mama.

Weekend Showers - Spring 2017

Out came my favorite grey leggings once again this weekend along with my favorite rain boots! Finding the perfect rain boots was essential to me. I wanted both comfort, functionally and style. I tried on many different boots before I came across my blue and pink Kamik boots at DSW about 3 years ago and just simply fell in love. They fit perfectly, don’t feel bulky and have a soft felt in line.

Weekend Showers - Spring 2017Since my boots were the centerpiece of my outfit, I decided to keep my top simple with a knitted white sweater from H&M. The white lace rim of my sweater popped out due to the day grey of my leggings but also added a soft touch that compliments the boldness of my rain boots.

Have a lovely weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day for all those beautiful, hard working mamas out there!


Rainy Day Comfort

I feel like rainy days are always the most challenging days for outfits. I want functionally in my pieces along with comfort. In NYC, we had many rainy and cold days. Today was no exception.

Rainy Day Comfort - Spring 2017

For rainy days, I like to keep my outfit very minimal yet cozy.

Rainy Day Comfort - Spring 2017

I wore a pair of grey leggings with brown riding boots for my bottom. I wanted to keep my feet cozy as well!

For my top, I paired and layered a plain olive green tee, grey knit sweater and a black rainproof windbreaker jacket. Layering for me is key in such windy spring weather, especially for a day around the town. I added a gold and black scarf to complement the olive of my shirt and my coat as well as keep my neck warm.

But to really top of my outfit, I decided to use my floral Aldo bag, with the hopes that spring sunshine and weather will one day be more frequent.

Rainy Day Comfort - Spring 2017

Have a wonderful and warm weekend!