Windy Day Adventure

The weekends just keep on getting better. Sunday ‘s temperature in the afternoon was wonderful despite the wind.

Windy Day Adventure - Spring 2017

I am in graduate school, so Sundays are usually my homework days but I couldn’t resist the suggestion to walk through High Bridge Park. I had only been there once before, during the winter. Of course, I needed to see it again under better conditions plus taking a mental break from school work is definitely beneficial.

Windy Day Adventure - Spring 2017My pairing for this stroll was simple yet comfortable. I paired a light-wash denim shorts and a thin white peasant blouse. Both pieces just blend together creating the perfect outfit that will keep you cool and comfortable through a windy and warm walk. My blouse is very long and wide, so I tucked the shirt in and added a darker belt to not just keep my shorts up but also to add a contrasting tone to make the top and bottom pop out.  For my shoes, I decided to sport my gold flats once more to keep the overall look soft.

Windy Day Adventure - Spring 2017The blouse is an old timer piece from H&M that has been in my closet for years as well as my gold flats from DSW and navy blue belt from Kohls. My shorts, on the other hand, are a new addition! I bought them two weekends ago at Kohls, and this weekend was their first time out!

Windy Day Adventure - Spring 2017

Hope everyone has had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Here’s to more weekend adventures to come.

Till next time! 🙂