A Sunny Central Park Day

What an amazing Saturday! The sun was shining and the temperature was just wonderful! A perfect day for a walk through New York City’s most iconic park–Central Park!

A Sunny Central Park Day - Spring 2017

I love white lace and jeans. The combination of those two delivers a soft girl-next-door look perfect for a walk through the park.  My aim was to stay soft and unrestricted, especially since I already planned on climbing rocks and lamposts. The floral lace top did only deliver in look but also help beat the heat by allowing the cool breeze to reach my body.

A Sunny Central Park Day -  Spring 2017

The light wash denim shorts are from Kohl’s along with the navy blue weave belt. Both items have made a previous appearance during another walk. I just love how well they fit together, so of course, why not try it again? The floral lace crop top is a new addition from Hollister. It is not a very showy crop top since the lace does extend down past the belly button which is one of the main reasons I bought it. Crops tops are bold pieces however this particular crop top is softer and a great transition for bolder ones when the temperatures really skyrocket.  As for my sandals, I am not sure where those are from. I have had them in my closet since senior year of high school. If I had to guess, they were probably thrifted by my mom and given to me because they didn’t fit her feet.

A Sunny Central Park Day -  Spring 2017

Central Park was amazing though, but I will admit very crowded.  So many wedding photos, and picnics! Plus a lot of painted turtles sunbathing. I guess we all had the same idea of how to enjoy a beautiful day. 🙂

A Sunny Central Park Day -  Spring 2017

Of course, I have to slip in some yoga poses in there, you know like every yogi. Haha. I guess I was just really excited to be out and about. Mind you I still have three different assignments due for graduate school next week. But you know fresh air is kinda necessary, right?

A Sunny Central Park Day -  Spring 2017

Here’s to another park adventure! Soon it will be summer and off we will be having some beach adventures!

Till next time!