South Street Seaport Glow

Summer is finally here!! What better way to spend a warm day this weekend then at South Street Seaport.

South Street Seaport Glow- Summer 2017

Summer to me means dresses! A fun, colorful dress is my top choice on warm or hot days and is a staple of my summer wardrobe. There are many variations and styles of dresses out there that you cannot go wrong.

South Street Seaport Glow- Summer 2017

I decided to take my maxi strapless dress from winter retirement back out in the sun for the first time today! Maxi dresses are usually my top pick because it is so easy to just slip on that combine comfort and trendy. Plus, their thin fabric and loose fitting style are perfect for those hot, humid, sticky days of summer.

South Street Seaport Glow- Summer 2017

I bought my maxi dress on sale a couple of summers ago at an independent NYC store called Purdy Girl. The bohemian pattern of the dress is what really caught my eye. I love the blend of deep green and maroon that just screams summer–plus it’s strapless–perfect for sunbathing. Haha. 🙂

Till next weekend’s adventure!